Boys Junior Varsity Soccer, Boys Varsity Soccer · Boys Soccer Tryout Details – Tryouts Begin Monday, Oct. 19th

To all interested in playing boys soccer this year, please read the following to best be prepared for tryouts and for the upcoming season if you were to make the team.

1) Things You MUST Bring

a. Cleats
b. Shin guards
c. White or Light Grey shirt
d. Dark Blue or Black shirt
e. Personal Water Bottle (ideally bring enough water to last the whole day)
f. Mask

2) Protocols for the Start of Each Day of Tryouts

a. Come dressed ready for tryouts, there will be no access to locker rooms to change
b. Line up on the parking lot side of the fence outside the entrance to the stadium

i. Athletes should be waiting 6 feet apart and masked.

c. At 2:45 coaches will work on checking you in

i. Temp Check
ii. Mask Check
iii. Paper work cleared
iv. Be given numbers

d. Once cleared find spot along outside of field 6 feet from other athletes

i. This will be your spot they will return to whenever not playing
ii. Must wear mask at all times unless drinking water

3) Protocols for the End of Each Day of Tryouts

a. When playing for the day is done coaches will take a few minutes to talk
b. Coaches will read out numbers to inform them that

i. They didn’t make the team
ii. To return the next day
iii. To return later in the week

**to reduce daily numbers coaches will be breaking up returns based on many factors including but not limited to position, grade level, or skill.

4) Covid Safety Protocols

**If athletes are unwilling to follow these they will be asked to leave as these will be in place all season

a. Players must pass pre participation screening each day
b. There will be no sharing or water bottles

i. Water will be available if need but coaches will be only ones allowed to refill bottles

c. No pennies will be used

i. This is why each athlete needs a light and dark shirt

d. Masks warn whenever athletes are not participating or drinking water
e. A distance of 6 feet will be maintained by athletes while sitting out and during breaks
f. Regular clearing of equipment

5) Things to know if you make the team

**if (a) and (b) are required athletes will not be allowed to participate if they are unable comply.

a. It is highly likely that all winter sport athletes will be put into an in school cohort or switched to LaunchEd. This means they will be attending their classes virtually either at home or in a classroom supervised by a teacher. If on campus they will not be switching rooms or seeing their teachers face to face.
b. It is also highly likely that winter sports athletes will be required to receive regular Covid tests
c. In efforts to increase distancing athletes will be asked to try and provide their own transportation to games (all games this year are away). Transportation will be provided for those who need it but person transport will be highly encouraged.
d. Please fill out the following questionnaire in order for us to be better prepared to make decisions after tryouts are concluded (the answers will not impact team selection):


If you have any questions or concerns regarding this information please reach out to one of the coaches.

Varsity Head Coach: Juan Baquero –

Varsity Assistant: Dana Singer –

JV Head Coach: Sandy Jensen –

Thank you for reading this letter and look forward to seeing all of you out there next week.